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David Von Roehm

David Von Roehm – Director and Producer

David is a screenwriter, direcDavid Von Roehm – Director and producer bringing his experience, imagination, and resourcefulness to producing in various formats: music videos, short films, documentaries and feature films. David is the founding partner and producer of Luck Films, Willie Nelson’s production company, and CEO of Ningun Films, he is also the Department head

Kerry Wallum

Kerry Wallum – Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Stuntman, Filmmaker and Partner in Luck Films

“I like crashing. If they said, “Do it,” then I wanted to do it, it didn’t matter.” “You just wake up and you think about something or you see something and you think, “Wow, that’d be cool.”” “One of the neatest things about our movies is our crew is never stressed out anymore.” Writer, actor

Brian Corder

Brian Corder

Editor and Cinematographer, Brian Corder is best known for his work in “Carnies,” “Rum Runners,” “A Turn in the Sun,” and “Of God and Kings.” Brian joined Luck FIlms in 2012 and has become a staple in the editing side of their films.